Limbo Listed for Xbox One By Korean Ratings Board

Limbo (Xbox 360)

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Playdead's much-lauded indie title, Limbo, could be seeing a new-gen re-release on Xbox One if a listing from the Korean Ratings Board is to be believed. Apparently, the rating was submitted by Microsoft Korea at the end of last week.

It would certainly make sense for Limbo to appear on Xbox One, given that the Danish studio is also bringing its next game, Inside, to Xbox One as a timed exclusive, due to launch in 2015.

Limbo first launched on the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 back in 2010, but the game has since enjoyed a wider release on PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PC and iOS. We'll have more on Limbo for Xbox One should an official announcement drop.

[Source Eurogamer]

They stopped making new games...?!

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