Anyone eager for this game?

Madden NFL 09

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I haven't been a huge fan of the Madden series on the 360 console, but with the addition of actual commentary, I think this game will finally catch up to it's last-gen installments. Of course there is still a lot of work to be done, but since Madden NFL 2008 was such a huge hit, I think Madden NFL 2009 will be even bigger.

The graphics and overall gameplay has me drooling and marking my calendar for another Maddenholiday, August 12th. Anyone else looking forward to picking up this game? I will likely reserve it and pick it up on Maddenoliday (release day) like last year.
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I've only really had one play of a Madden game, and I spent twenty minutes tackling the hell out of everything that moves. However, I may actually see if it's any good... I start work on the 14th, so I'll probably be able to afford it soonish...

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I'm not eager for it but i had 2006 and it was quite fun.

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