Tiny Titan's legacy continues in EA mockumentary short

Madden NFL 15

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Glitches can create some of the most interesting moments in the games we play. Case in point: Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey's appearance in Madden 15. Coming in at just more than a single foot tall, Kirksey's glitched height has earned him the nickname "Tiny Titan."

At first, the sight of an NFL player barely taller than the length of an actual football was just funny. Then, EA made him part of a Madden Ultimate Team solo challenge. Now, a video featuring the real Kirksey (who as far as we know, is not actually 14 inches tall) as well as a Tom Rinaldi voice impersonator give us a brief glimpse into the life of this pint-size phenom. You can check it out after the break.

I misread the title, I think it said Tiny Tina... I got all excited as was ready to move the thread...
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