Mass Effect 2 revealed

Mass Effect 2

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IGN: Mass Effect 2 Revealed

Here are the first details and trailer. Maybe this will make me give the first ME another shot. It also seems I made a mistake. Thought it was going to PS3 as well but it appears to be 360/PC bound.
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Oh nice!

I loved Mass Effect, and it's good to see the sequel looking up to scratch.

Hopefully will be as good as the first one, but only time will tell...
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This is going to one of the games I'm most looking forward to this year.
The first one was truly epic in my eyes so I don't think I'll pass this one up either. I remember the rumors surrounding the sequel so I am glad to hear that it's official.
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I'm so happy that it may live up to expectations. Man... Just to think that it seems like only yesterday I was so pleased with the first game.

Hopefully the next one will fix the faults of the first, and turn it into a brilliant experience we can all enjoy.

I'm a fan of long conversations and the dramatic tellings of a story, hence my love for MGS4, but in the end, Mass Effect lacked the polish of MGS. Fair enough, it's an older game. This leads to to hope that the storytelling in Mass Effect 2 has a more polished, dramatic tone. Maybe include some interective cutscenes (Farhrenheit's in scene convo system), as the conversations in ME had little... oomph at times.

But I still think the majority of the cast showed a lot of polish in their performances.

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i didn't really like the first one but i am willing to give this one a chance

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