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Currently if you pre-order the new EA/Dice made shooter you get access to the Beta. I took advantage of the PC version as it's cheaper. It opens on 21st this month but on PC if you have Bad Company 2 then it's already open for you.

I'll give you guys my take on it next week although I wish it could be sooner.
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At around 2100 GMT, I finally had a go at the beta. Steam downloaded it really quickly, it's 1.6GB. There were no problems signing in or finding a game. The experience is a fusion of COD4 and Battlefield. No, not MW2. This game is very minimalistic, you have barely any hit-points, you get rewarded for kills, and objectives. There are no bonuses for headshots, longshots etc. So far as I can tell.

An interesting move, and I hope it sticks with the full product is that each side has specific weapons. The Taliban side had AK47s, SVDs, 74Us and the Americans had M16s, M4s and M21s. I though it was a nice touch as that added to the feeling of the team, and took me back to COD4 days where I had a class for each side. You can unlock different guns, but this is just a beta, we have limited stuff to work with.

The game I played was like Rush in BC2, but instead of Com stations, there were structures to destroy, and being on the attacking front is much harder. There's also little to use in terms of placed cover, it's more about using the environment, unlike Gears of War, where cover is everywhere.

If you have any questions about things I haven't gone over then feel free to ask.
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So it's more realistic than streets that just happen to be laden with sandbags.

I'm guessing every tree is your friend?

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Not so much as they can be destroyed along with most structures in the game. It's made by Dice who did BC2, but this isn't nearly as destructive. There are three classes Rifleman, Spec Ops, and Sniper. Each with different guns even though the only difference really lies within the special for example RPG and Rifle Grenades.

In the one objective based map there was a tank for the US but I took it down with one RPG .

There are two modes, two maps and they map/mode don't rotate. The objective mode is much more fun and frantic, TDM never really got going and the match was boring way before the end. There was also no indication of a time limit even though there was one.


Every time I play this I'm more glad I pre-ordered. Been having some seriously tense objective matches today. PS3 owners are having all kinds of trouble but the PC has no real issues to note except odd death animations. The graphics are great when turned up and I haven't had any lag. Only gameplay issue is that the US weapons seem weak compared to the Taliban. But there are plenty of threads about it on EA's forum so hopefully it'll get fixed as there's plenty of time. I just hope people play after Black Ops comes out.
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