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  • Sure this game is much better than The Burning Earth, but it is basically just another Avatar game. It is quite mediocre as some of the mechanics feel exactly the same as TBE, and a storyline nobody can really get into.

  • I've had a lot of fun with this game lately. It is one of the best WP games due to the replay value. I feel like most Xbox games on the phone are just Clash of Clans knock-offs but this one shines above the others.

  • I found some fun in this game with a few chuckles here and there. Overall, the game isn't much fun unless you stream it or play with friends/at a party. There really is no other use for the game. Sure you can be pretty witty to trick people into believing your lie, but the game doesn't have much value in just playing with random strangers.

  • The dev teams at Call of Duty finally realized it was time for a drastic change in the game. Similar to what 343 Industries is doing with Halo 5. I really do like this gutsy move by Treyarch, they have never failed to disappoint me with any of their games. The changes made in this game to give it a more futuristic feel has won me back over into the CoD series.

  • The concept is sort of a prototype one to the game. Pusing the Chariot and pulling it with your character. I sort of like the idea, but this SIGNIFICANTLY slows the game down. I really haven't played it much due to this factor. It's free though so you can't complain too much. I'll be back to play it again one day.

  • I've played this many times, and played countless other fitness games. This is the best by far. I like how they put in new challenges and workouts frequently. It's also great with all the features like calorie burning, heart rate, etc. Definitely worth your time!

  • My favorite game franchise completely combined into one game. (Disregard ODST, Reach, and Halo wars. I didn't care too much for those.) All of the best games of the series put into this collection got me excited for guardians as well. I'm hopeful all the bugs will be fixed, many have but bugs still exist. Bravo 343 Industries, all the right features were put into this...

  • I feel like this game had a lot more fun out of it than the original. There were more features and time to be spent having fun with the game. There was also more strategy to it, this is is must-have.

  • 2K says they built this from the ground up, but did they? There's less features in this one than the 360 version. Sure there's a career mode in this one but it just doesn't seem up to par with last year's game. Hope 2K does it right next year.

  • I got my one millionth gamerscore point on this game. Of course I have to love it. I like a challenge.