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I've seen this pop up in my feed several times lately but haven't been able to locate it in the W8 store/marketplace. Any guidance?
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It was briefly in the T&T store, then pulled (again). Unfortunately, I deleted it before knowing it had been pulled as I was trying to reinstall it. The pictures on the puzzles weren't showing up for me, and I thought a reinstall might help. Now I've got to wait like everyone else (again).
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Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Hotdogmcgee is correct, this was pulled from the T&T store, and with it some of the extra Jigsaw packs that you could download. My wife and daughter love jigsaws, so they will be playing that for a while. I will update when it appears that items from the store come back online.
Ah, good deal. I thought maybe it was one of those deals where I was using an incorrect search like I did with Snap Attack. I was searching Wordament Snap Attack and it wouldn't pop up. Hotdog straightened me out on that one, I believe.
Instagram: @tat2dtrash
Twitter: @SG_Steelhead

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