Shadow of Mordor Season Pass Announced

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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The Season Pass includes

• Exclusive ‘Guardians of the Flaming Eye’ Orc Warband mission - Players will face Sauron’s elite Defenders before the Black Gate and earn the Rising Flame rune

• Early access to the ‘Trials of War’ challenge series - Players will test their skills against select legions of Sauron’s forces in this series of challenge modes and build their legend as gamers post their best score on the Challenge Leaderboard

• All new story missions with hours of gameplay

- Lord of the Hunt – Hunt the wild beasts of Mordor as player’s discover hidden lairs, earn unique runes and face off against powerful monsters

- The Bright Lord – Play as Celebrimbor, the great Elven smith of the Second Age, and battle against Sauron and the might of his forces

• Access to future content - Including runes, skins and additional future add-on content.

They way people were talking about this game after E3 I'm interested, but I will never buy a season pass before playing a game.
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not sure about this one yet, going to wait for a review first. This game and pass will probably be bought on sale for me.
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Season pass not install :-(
I hear this one plays similar to Assassins Creed?
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I hear this one plays similar to Assassins Creed?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Yes, is Mix of Batman and Assassin Creed

Great gane :-)

The season pass download now works fine, with latest beta build:

OS version released: xb_rel_1410.141007-1809
Available: 6PM PDT 10/08 (2AM GMT 10/09)


Small UI Tweaks to Friends in Snap
A fix for Season Passes being unable to download
Please see the Special Quest available titled "Season Passes" if you experienced this issue!
I'm still concerned about the items that are marked as "Unavailable", the Captain of the Watch skin and the Hidden Blade Rune, if I try to install them from the marketplace. Season pass Exclusive Contents not available on game:

Warband Mission Early Access Content (Trials of War): - Test of Speed Challenge Mode - The Bright Lord Story Missions - Lord of the Hunt Story Missions Additional Content - Skull Crushers Warband Mission - Berserks Warband Mission - Power of Shadow Upgrades - Hidden Blade Rune - Flame of Anor Rune - Orc Slayer Rune - Deadly Archer Rune - Rising Storm Rune - Captain of the Watch Character Skin - Dark Ranger Skin "

Anyone here have bought season pass?

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