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So far the only real info seems to be this trailer but it does look great Providing EA don't screw up and make it generic. It seems like a more fluid "Breakdown" (Xbox).
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Wow... we all know what a good game that was... a pity the world wasn't ready for it, as were the consoles...

Keep us posted mate... this is gonna be good.

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The trailer was shown at the PS Day conference but it is multi-plat for now at least. It's EA so they'll get money from anywhere they can i suppose. I'm hoping this will lead to some interesting MP options.
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EA and DICE make good games (i.e. Battlefield 1942)
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firstly, I'd like to compliment you on your epic avvy and sig, Mike. :P

secondly... you mean 2142, right? Or was their a 1942.... o_O

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There was

1942 with a few add on packs
Battlefield 2 (PC)
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (or something similar for consoles)
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Wow... never played 1942... Played all the others, though.

I have vietnam, but lost the damn CD key, as well as the CD key for my orinigal copy of Half Life GOTY.... the one I bought off you YEARS back.

It's really quite odd, since I take bloody good care of my games. I even rebox ones that need them. Lol

I'm wierd and neurotic like that, sorry. :-P

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well feel free to give yourself a salt water douche.
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EA is only publishing, so don't worry so much.
Ahhh, thats good then. Just wish there was some more info on it. Also a bit annoying that the trailer isnt up for Live or PSN download.
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I have vietnam, but lost the damn CD key,
Originally Posted by Killak

Consider it a blessing, because that game was nothing but horrible.
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i liked one level on that vietnam one. but it wasnt the best of games.
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at last some new trailers or at least information
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ok to get this back on topic.

SCRAWL: Mirror’s Edge: PS3 Lead Platform, Trophies/Achievements, DLC Plans

so if its in a PS magazine it must be true! Hardly any multi plat games are better on PS3. GTA4 was the first and so far only. Although Oblivion had a better frame rate and less freezong so ill giae it that too. Time will tell but as its from a one paragraph no quotes or page scans we can of course ignore it.
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I've been having some good looks at Mirror's Edge. As quoted from AustralianGamer's Podcast, "It's taken a page out of Portal's book in terms of graphics".

I'm very interested in how they can bring free-running into the first person genre. And for all of you Gun-savvy readers, there are guns, but you only pick them up, fire the rest of the clip and drop them. Sorry.
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theres also an achievment for not using guns at all.
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I'm curious if they have a list of achievements for this game since I haven't seen it published anywhere else. I'm quite curious being that I've become an achievement junkie.

Also, I've moved this to the forum designated for Mirror's Edge. It's in our game library now. Smile
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This game is actually making me drool. I really hope they get it right. Really, it could be AMAZING. Or a cock up.

We'll see.

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Apparently the first test audience suffered motion sickness from the demo.
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