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Ms. Splosion Man (PC)

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Please note that Ms. Splosion Man (PC) is no longer on the GFWL back-end and thus achievements on XBL are now unobtainable, though it will touch GFWL once upon starting up to convert your save file. So completionists stay clear of starting this title.

Steamworks update!
19 Jun - twisted_pixel

Ms. Splosion Man will now use Steamworks in place of Games for Windows Live. Achievements and cloud saving are now available. You can also convert your previous GFWL save file to a Steam save file. Please note that you will need GFWL installed in order to convert your save game file. Once converted, GFWL will no longer be needed.


If you receive an error while converting your GFWL save game just ignore it and continue anyway. The conversion process will still continue. If for some reason it fails, try updating GFWL to the latest version. Link for GFWL update:

If you still have your save game file but no longer have GFWL installed the conversion tool will fail. Please reinstall GFWL in order for the conversion tool to work.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or post here if you have any problems.

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Would that be only if you got it through Steam, though? People that might have gotten it via the GFWL Marketplace wouldn't have that issue, would they?
I would imagine so since the game itself is now a Steamworks title instead of GFWL (which I'm surprised that this is the first game I've seen the issue in since TP is owned by MS lol)

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So yeah, since the GFWL marketplace is shuttered, I can't give a final answer to this unfortunately.
Someone would already have to have this title from that source.

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