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Elemental Evil is due to release sometime September, the months old PC expansion brings new achievements and fixes, including fixes for existing bugged achievements.

This is the 6th expansion and raises the level cap to 70, adds four new zones (Drowned Shores, Reclamation Rock, Fiery Pit and Spinward Rise) and includes the Oathbound Paladin class and some other bits like Daily Vigilance Quests.

To start Elemental Evil, you'll need to be level 60 and activate the 'Going to Seed' quest, taking you through each zone with the final reward being the most powerful Main-Hand for your class.

So who'd still playing this and/or who's excited to get back into playing this again with the new achievements and gubbins?
Elemental EviL Free DLC?
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Yeh, free to a good home, Neverwinter is pretty much just 'Pay for an Easier life' rather than 'pay to win', the entire game is doable for free.
Was hooked on this in the beta but I have not found the time to play this as I did when the beta was released.
6th PC expansion. The console only got one expansion and that was Tiamat. Also the release date is confirmed for September 7th. I was hoping for more achievements to encourage people to wanter the 4 new expansions. Either way, I have to buy a new character slot to roll a DC so that I can get the BiS Artifact(for my CW) for doing the Icewind Dale questline.
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Elemental Evil doesn't release til the 8th, which is a Tuesday (traditional MMO reset day).

Neverwinter has a double rune event this weekend and then double exp til EE comes out. Time to get those alts to 60.

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