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Hello there everyone,

I would like to take this time to announce the public opening of Gamertag Nation! It's been over a full month of constant development to get to this point and I'm hoping that I can continue developing this community with the input of our loyal members. Wherever you may have come from, Gamertag Nation is a perfect community for you.

New Account Registration

Registering for a new account at Gamertag Nation is very simple. By following this link, you can begin your new account registration. Your account is entirely free and will not cost you a single penny.

Gamertag Linking

You will be able to link your Xbox Live gamertag to your Gamertag Nation account seconds after registering your account. Once registered, navigate to the 'My Account' link at the top of every page. Once you're there, proceed to 'Edit Gamertag' or 'Gamertag Settings'. Once you're there, you can enter your gamertag.

How does Gamertag Nation retrieve my xbox live information?

Once a gamertag is linked to your account, Gamertag Nation will retrieve any updated information (such as games played, gamerscore, achievements, gamer picture, etc..) each hour. .

What are the limitations/issues with Gamertag Linking?

Most of the limitations that I've faced during earlier testing sessions were things that can potentially be resolved in the future. However, at this time, I'm aware of the following limitations/issues:
  • Japanese game titles cannot be retrieved from linked gamertags.
  • A maximum of 16 game titles can be retrieved from linked gamertags at one specific time. This means any game titles that the gamertag has played more than 16 game titles ago will not be retrieved.
  • Unlocked and locked achievements for a linked gamertag cannot be retrieved yet.
The Games Directory

Our constantly-growing games directory can be located after clicking on the 'Games' link at the top of every page. You can search, sort, and locate every game setup in our database here. Each game has it's own discussion forum in case you'd like to talk about or get help with any aspect of the game. You can also find a list of news that relates to that game title, a list of achievements for the game, member-generated guides, reviews, ratings, and specific information relating to the game. If you have a gamertag linked to your account, you may notice customized statistics which pits you up against any other linked gamertags that have played the game. There's a ton of features there so be sure to check it out today!

Upcoming Gamertag Nation Features

Gamertag Nation has only been in development for roughly one month. The amount of work that has been done in the last month is outrageous. Since the site is officially open for new members, I'd like to announce the features that are already in development for everyone to enjoy in the future:
  • Member-generated blogs that can be customized to every detail.
  • Customize the way the front page of Gamertag Nation looks for your account.
  • Access Gamertag Nation on any mobile device capable of web browsing.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for each gamertag.
  • Generate and customize your own gamertag badge that can be used on other blogs, forums, sites, etc..
  • Real-time messaging (or chat sessions) that can be customized.
As you can see, I have huge plans with Gamertag Nation. While these features (which are among many others) are being worked on, just sit back, relax and have fun!
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This place looks really good, Eric... I'm liking the layout...

How long will it take to iron out the wrinkles in a place like this mate?
Thank you for joining Killak. For everything to be in perfect working order it'll probably take a few more weeks. I've been working on a lot of the game content in terms of reviews, guides and achievements. Most of the content on this website will be user-generated so for the time being I have been working on providing my own reviews and guides for several games.

After the basic features are completed and fairly compatible, I'll work on the advanced features I've announced. Many other features are also being thought out too.

There's not too much for everyone to do as of right now. You can go ahead and make whatever posts or threads you'd like for now though. If you can, try and bring anyone you know over here because activity is what will bring this place to life. I'll be doing my part in advertising and promoting this place once I've finished a lot of the features I'd like to have completed.
Join the official Gamertag Nation club on Xbox Live here.
I'll ad it as well... hopefully I can get a bunch of my mates along with gamercards in hand... You need any help in terms of staffing? I'd love to help here, and do what I can, but as I'm no techno whizz... (that's always been your department...), all I can do is mod... But, whatever service I can offer, please accept.

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