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Howdy everyone,

Each month, I will be opening up nominations for an official game of the month here at Gamertag Nation. Nominations can be made simply be posting within this thread. Here's what you've got to do:
  • Post the game title you would like to nominate. (You can nominate any game listed in our games directory)
  • Give a brief explanation as to why you'd like to nominate the game. This can literally be anything. Heck, be creative and give us a completely random reason if you want.
  • Answer whether or not you've played the game you're nominating. (Just out of curiosity)
The game that receives the most nominations up until May 1st will win. In addition to the top spot, other contests, competitions or special events may be created for the game that wins this month. Stay tuned to the Gamertag Nation Tribune for any official updates.

Nominations will end on May 1st. The official winner will be announced on May 15th.

Have fun!
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For everyone's convenience, here is a template you may use for your nomination. You can make up your own if you'd like. Just be sure to have the requirements found in the first post.

I would like to nominate the following game:

Game Title Here
  1. This game rocks because.. Provide explanation why you nominated this game here
  2. Have you played this game? Answer yes or no
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Grand Theft Auto 4

It's gong back to its NY-style roots and you play as a Russian gangster....and listen to Russian rap! This game is going to be huge and with the adtion of DLC for Xbox Live (sorry Sony).

Haven't played yet (mainly becaus it's not out) but i'll edit this when i have.
Grand Theft Auto 4. Hands down.

This game is a legitimate reason to have a boner to while playing. Don't hide it while playing, show your pride.

This game is what we have been missing since "San Andreas" *thumbs down*. I hated that game because we diverted itself from the original Mafia-Mob life scenarios that GTA 1-3 + Vice City became known for. I will enjoy the mafia scene again that was long lost in their latest title. Let us just hope Salvador doesn't booby trap a car again, or I'll rip his fucking head off.
GTA 4!
hands down again.
the game is the best and the well the whole game is awesome and.. o.O i play it. :3
Voting closed. I'll announce the [obvious] winner on May 15th along with any contests or events we plan on for the winner.
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