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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm proud to present our latest and greatest tool, Gamertag Checker. As always, the tool is free for use for members and guests.

What Does it Do?

The gamertag checker tool enables anyone to check the availability of a specific gamertag. Looking to change your gamertag for [MSPOINTS]800[/MSPOINTS]? Why not use our tool to see if it's available for use. Even better, we let you know if the gamertag has been linked to an account here at Gamertag Nation.

But there's more to this tool too. As a guest, you now get a glimpse of how your gamertag would appear at Gamertag Nation. By checking the 'Show Games' option, our system will show the last 16 games played by the gamertag. We link each game played to our game library and round it off with gamerscore and achievement totals for each game too.

Where can I find it?

While at Gamertag Nation, you can find the gamertag checker tool under the 'Tools' drop-down menu at the top of each page. You can also click on the 'Tools' link at the top of each page for a listing of each tool we offer. More tools are in development so we'll keep you updated.
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Wow Eric, that's pretty impressive stuff.

Looking forward to some more tools, not making any suggestions though, I don't have any =(
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
well i checked it (on myself) and it worked fine...
England is my city
This sounds Good, Eric...

This site is gonna be the ultimate Gamer's social network!

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
The geeks will rise!
England is my city
Nice i bet these kick the shit out the server... Unless they don't use that much CPU( In that case NICE CODING!!)

Good job eric
Thanks Autonamus. Smile The tool has yet to do much damage to our resources here on the server so I'd say it's holding up.
Join the official Gamertag Nation club on Xbox Live here.
No problem i like it when people spend time making things. Makes it even more worth while to use.
For a minute I thought had gotten a new feature.
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
Yeah.... 10 years ago, lol.

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!

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