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Dear Gamertag Nation Members and associated,

It has come to pass that Eric and I have both agreed to allow Blank Planet (Billy, Simon) as a new Manager here at GTN, in charge of the Reviews, News and Gaming Directory Section. His skill and intentions as a Gamer are unquestionable, as is his drive to bring knowledge of gaming to us, and our friends. I am in full confidence his Modding skills will be up to the challenge, him having viewed the work of old hands like Dave at FFR, who provide examples for him to follow.

In fact, our confidence in him is so high, that Eric and I found it funny, as I was the one to recommend him for staff, and Eric came online shortly after with the sole purpose of discussing with ME the addition of Blank (Billy) to our team, as he was MOST impressed with his actions, skills and intentions. Eric and I've both been admins for a while over the years, and both of us simultaneously seeing such potential is a rare and great thing indeed, and since I was aware of Billy's love for working on things, regardless of rank (he might even see it as restricting), I had even sent him an email, letting him know this was voluntary, and his decision would have no bearing on the respect Eric and I held him in. However, in a show of confidence that makes our respect rise even further, Billy decided to join us, and add his strength to ours.

You must all be thinking this is out of the blue. Some people may be under the impression I am in my position here because of my contributions to FFR solely, along with my relation and history with Eric, and it seems strange that a "newbie" like Billy has come among our ranks. I will, however, clear up any of these opinions simply... Many of you here have known me for years, especially the lads and ladies at FFR, and Eric's name is legendary even outside our circle.

So, let me tell you a bit about our new Staff Member... not a goddamned life story, as there are too many aspects to him and it's superfluous, but enough so he becomes as well known as old hands like Eric and I. I want to show you how, in no uncertain terms, he deserves your respect, loyalty and friendship. I don't know if Eric'll approve of this, but I want all Staff to be well known to the members, as you're all supposed to place your trust in us, and form a tight knit and wonderful community.

Here we go.

I first met Simon when I was 12 years old, in my High school in London, and we were in the same class together. I'll be honest, he was quiet, low key and seemed to fear society. However, after knowing him for so long, I can see why. Society really isn't ready for someone like Billy, even someone like me... haha!

Anyway, While Simon may not be a second generation gamer like Swallowtail and I, with experience and a long eye, his gaming skills are second to none. Ever since we became close friends, I have long held his skills in respect, and have counted myself, Moley (Swallowtail), and Billy as members of a "society" of gamers, whose opinions and skills were always disputed... basically, what we have here at GTN, yet smaller. Even if some people came and joined and threw in their opinions, it was always us who had the final say, our experience, skill and neutral, professional views speaking above those affected by trends and short lived Gaming sprees. We even had a game in the works years ago, with billy as our scriptwriter... mind you, this was when we were fifteen, so our standards have changed and risen since then.

With my experience in Gaming, the Industry, Market and Adminning, I am perfect for Adminning the forums as a whole, and supervising the Gaming section. However, Billy is another thing. Under every good Global Manager are friends who specialise in their field, and who can maximise the potential needed from these sections.

One of his post prevalant features is his unchangeable views. The world has long since changed from a place where consitency is apprecieated, and a person like that isn't appeciated. He is blunt to the point of being rude sometimes, but this makes it all the more sweeter when you know you've impressed him. Moreover, in a market like Gaming, where it's becoming fat and unwieldy, we need someone implacable and firm who can seperate the men from the boys. He is actually searching for internships in Rockstar, and gaming is going to be an integral part of his Life, as it alway has been.

Moreover, I trust him and his word completely. He's my best friend, one of my closest allies, and the ring-bearer at my wedding (he's more likely to eat them then steal em). I expect you all to treat him as such.
Originally Posted by Biographical crap
I'd also like you all to raise any questions involving ratings and gaming with him, but still forward any bug notifications to Eric and I. Billy will deal with all problems in Gaming, in terms of reviews and such...

I know this has been drawn out, but by now I expect NO drama from anyone. His qualifications have been given, and both Eric and I have his back. Please use this thread to welcome him into GTN's staff, and when GTN reaches it's potential, it'll have been down to people like HIM, who love their friends and love their pastimes.

Take a Bow, Billy, Welcome aboard, and if you have any problem with any of the info, it shall be removed.

I Thank you all on behalf of the Staff at GTN,

Tariq Khan,

GTN Global Manager.
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