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Howdy everyone

As of this afternoon, anyone who has registered a gamertag with their account may now display custom Gamertag Nation gamercards. These gamercards give you the ability to show off your Xbox Live gamertag in real-time and wherever you would like. Since this service has been released in beta, I am anticipating several updates to come at later dates. We are actually already in development with several additional themes which can be selected and saved for your gamercard.

To begin sharing your gamercard, similar to the one above, all you need to do is navigate to My Account and Edit Gamertag. Once you are there, you will have several options available for sharing your gamercard. It should go without saying, but in order to share your gamercard you must have a gamertag in our system.

As always, many changes are to come with this addition so stay tuned and have fun.

Join the official Gamertag Nation club on Xbox Live here.

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