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As Gamertag Nation continues to grow, I am pleased to announce that all new gamertags added will be required to verify ownership. Beforehand, any gamertags that were added for an account required no such verification and enabled any Gamertag Nation account to link to any Xbox Live gamertag, disregarding any verification from the Xbox Live account. Now with 4 easy steps, new gamertags can be easily verified and added to our system.

What's the purpose of verifying gamertags here?

By asking that each member verify the gamertag that they add to their Gamertag Nation account, we can help prevent unauthorized claims of any gamertag on Xbox Live. We want to make sure that the gamertag you have linked to your account is 100% yours and we know other gamers wouldn't appreciate their gamertag being linked to an account that isn't their own too.

What kind of things are required to verify my gamertag?

To sum up the 4-step process, verifying your gamertag requires you to add a system-generated verification code into your bio field in your Xbox Live profile. Once you have added the verification code, our system will automatically verify your gamertag within minutes.

What happens when a gamertag is added but cannot be verified?

If a gamertag is added but not verified within an hours time, it will be automatically removed from our system. This does not mean that the gamertag cannot be added later on though. Just simply add the gamertag once again and verify it to make that gamertag yours.

Additional Notes

The 'Gamertagged' ornament will now be given to members immediately after the gamertag is verified in our system. Previously, this ornament was given to members as soon as they added a gamertag. (without verification)
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