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Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to formally announce the latest update for member profiles. As a member of Gamertag Nation, you may now add a YouTube video to your profile! To add a YouTube video to your profile, simply navigate to My Account > Edit Profile > YouTube Integration (or click here) and enter the YouTube video ID and an optional title for the video. Once you've saved a video to your profile, go ahead and check out your profile for streaming video goodness.

You can use this latest profile enhancement to show off any video on YouTube so have fun with it! Use it to show off your own videos, a favorite music video, upcoming movie trailer or just something to make us laugh.

I have also added a new field for the contact information in your profile. Navigate to My Account > Edit Profile > Contact Information (or click here) and you can now add your own YouTube alias. If you have a YouTube account and want to show off your channel, you can now easily do so with this new field.

Plenty of updates are still in development so stay tuned to the Gamertag Nation Tribune for the latest.
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Nice one, mate... Good to see the profiles expanding so nicely! Big Grin

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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