Biggest Sony-Exclusive Upset?

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Biggest Sony-Exclusive Upset?

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× 2 (28.57%) Grand Theft Auto IV

× 4 (57.14%) Final Fantasy XIII

× 0 (0%) Assassin's Creed

× 0 (0%) Devil May Cry IV

× 0 (0%) Beautiful Katamari

× 1 (14.29%) Other Titles

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  • 7 votes
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Fresh off the E3 announcements earlier this week came an unexpected surprise from the popular RPG masters, Square-Enix. I'm sure we've all heard now, but in case you missed it: Square-Enix has announced that their long running RPG series, Final Fantasy, will be releasing their latest title on the Xbox 360. No details have been made in regards to an actual release date for Final Fantasy XIII, but us 360 fanboys have yet another Sony exclusive to call ours.

Of course we know Sony was dissapointed, but is this the biggest exclusive that Sony has lost? With the growing cost of producing high-quality game titles, do you think that exclusives will be a thing of the past? If so, how will future console wars pan out?
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Its not thier biggest exclusive. That would be along the lines of Uncharted or Resistance and certainly MGS4. I was expecting a mulit plat GTA as it was confirmed years ago. But of the above mentioned that is the biggest blow as it has a wider appeal as FF is for a certain audience. Even though Sony should have tried to keep it. People are forgetting that 11 went multi plat as well as some of the older FFs onto PC and the DS is getting loads of the older ones. It's an old exclusive and its clear that Sony are trying to get in on some new ones like the above mentioned (even though Resistance was quite average) but they still have Killzone, Little Big Planet. I'm a bit more annoyed that we lost Bioshock to Sony.
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I'm not surprised... I had heard from Dave that Nova Crystallis Fabula was a series of games spanning many platforms... but to see the main Game lose it's exclusivity is a real blow for Sony, and one point up for Square!

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I just hopw whoever nakes the next MGS doesn't make it multi plat.
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Yeah... but I still don't think the 360 can handle MGS4, let alone the NEXT one! So no fears there!

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Yeah... but I still don't think the 360 can handle MGS4, let alone the NEXT one! So no fears there!
Originally Posted by Killak
I wouldn't say that the 360 couldn't handle MGS4, it's more likely that Sony just doesn't want to lose another exclusive. If the 360 can handle Gears of War (and it's amazing sequel soon), Halo 3, Bioshock and Fallout 3, I don't see why MGS4 wouldn't be capable of playing just as good.

If MGS4 came to the 360, I think Sony would be devastated to say the least.
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MGS4 took a whole dual layer blu ray....that would be loads of dvds plus graphical changes, script changing and a few of the smaller things that only made sense in the PS version. It could be done but tedious.
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Not to mention the section of the game where Otacon tells you to switch the disks.

It so wasn't blatant PS3 advertising on a console that you've already bought to play the game... Assholes.
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I still thought that was a brilliant touch... I think it was just at the point the disc change happened in MGS1 as well, to make it nostalgic to that gen of Gamers!

Even if it WAS a bit assholish...

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There is loads of nostalga in the 4th part of the game. even for me and i only played through it once.
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With the long wait between the last MGS and this one was along time and the next one will only be as long. We will most likely be on another GEN on consoles.
how annoyed would all those sony fans be if little big planet made its way to pc and 360? doubt it will but just to see some of the gametrailers forum comments would make it hilarious.
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