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Good evening everyone.

Over the past couple months, Gamertag Nation has proven itself to stay loyal to our growing member base. As with the previous features I have introduced in the past, I would like to introduce yet another new feature which has been requested here at GTN. As of this post, I'd like to announce that blogging has now become available for all of our members.

Along with the unique features offered here at Gamertag Nation, blogging is a free service that is offered for all members of our community. We offer fully customized options for each member's blog so feel free to go nuts! Setup categories for your entries, subscribe to other blogs, comment on entries or just browse around. Since we tend to keep things nice and organized around here, you can effortlessly view each member's latest blog entries by navigating to their profile.

To get started, check out the latest options available in the 'Blogs' drop-down menu at the top of each page. When logged in, you will be given options which will enable you to create new entries, customize your options and quickly view your blog. Each blog features RSS feeds so you can easily share your member blog or subscribe to others.

Since this feature is still in development, I would appreciate for anyone to report any bugs or complaints that they may experience while using the service. Suggestions and general comments are welcome as well. I will be integrating member blogs with other areas of the website in the upcoming weeks so be prepared for the best. Smile

All the best,
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Awesome Eric, I've been waiting for this to be implemented into the site for a while, good thing that Ornament is actually possible to achieve now, so everyone who wants to boost there number of Ornaments without having to do anything too taxing.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer

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