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As the lead developer here at Gamertag Nation, I'd like to announce that I have begun a mobile platform for Gamertag Nation. Our mobile site will enable anyone with a mobile phone to easily access game achievements, game details, release dates, and even member-specific features which utilize the Xbox Live network.

To help expand our reach, I am also planning to work on an iPhone application which will rival the recently released Xbox Live app.

Now, here's where I need you guys and gals. I'd like to know any of the following details:
  • What company do you use for your cell phone or mobile internet?
  • Which region or country is your cell phone or mobile internet based out of?
  • Which cell phone or mobile device do you use when accessing the mobile internet?
  • Would you be available to help test our mobile platform? Note: I'd like for our members with unlimited internet/data plans to join rather than those with limits. I don't want to cost you extra money here.
Even if you're not available to help me test our mobile website, I'd love to hear from our members. Knowing which cell phone providers are popular in other regions will help me out a lot.
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Sounds great Eric, my mates use their web browsers on their phones all the time, so I'll be able to check the site when I'm using their phones!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
would my itouch be useful for testing or is that not the same thing?
England is my city

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