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Which hardcore title are you expected to buy?

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× 3 (30.00%) Fallout 3

× 1 (10.00%) Call of Duty: World at War

× 1 (10.00%) Fable II

× 1 (10.00%) Gears of War 2

× 2 (20.00%) Far Cry 2

× 2 (20.00%) None of them

  • Added 10-21-2008 12:55 PM
  • 10 votes

Similar to our previous featured poll, we're curious what game you are looking most forward to. This time around, it's all about the hardcore gamers. This is a great season to be a hardcore gamer on the Xbox 360 and we know it's hard to pick just one. But hey, for the sake of hosting a popularity contest, pick one damnit. Stick Out Tongueirate:

Your choices are just some of the many featured titles for the Xbox 360 fall release season. Which one are you most likely to buy, moreso over the other choices?
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Fallout 3 most likely. Well thatll be the first one anyway. FC2 looks great but something made by the Oblivon team or at least that company isnt to be ignored. You can pretty much say its a spiritual TES5, some of the buttons even do the same thing like pressing back makes you rest/wait. Small, but a familiar touch.
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i've been planning on getting Fallout 3 for some time now. should keep me busy for most of the season.
Fallout 3 and Mirror's edge will be next to grace my collection.

I got Saint's Row 2, but It's nothing special. Infinite Undiscovery isn't that amazing either, but Lost Odyssey is here to stay for a while.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Fable, Fucking, 2.

It's been shipped to me today, so I should get it tomorrow and have a First Impressions up on friday.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
Im gonna have to space these out otherwise ill play some loads and ignore others. might save Fable 2 for a december buy...or christmas gift. I'll be skipping the new call of duty though.
England is my city
Call of duty.

Any challengers?
Women Drivers, no survivors.
well ive got brothers in arms to trade in so i might get far cry 2 tomorrow...apparently its classic ubi. great game with strange AI.
England is my city
I dunno... Farcry looks good. Fable looks good. My head may explode.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
i saw a review for farcry and am very tempted so ill give that a try after uni. im glad they kept the whole malaria aspect where you have to pop pills to stay cool. kinda like alcohol in condemned 2.


Well i got it and its amazing. ubisoft deserve praise for this.
England is my city
Got Fallout 3 today and it's all i expected really. I haven't played much, only gt outside the vault and into the first town but I can tell that I'll spend hours, days....i may go as far to say months playing this one. The only one negative strike against it so far is what happened near the end of the vault opening. Let's just say the girl reacted rather calmly to a certain event and it didnt seem to freak her out like i expected. I'm being a bit cryptic as i don't want to spoil anything but those that have played it will know what im talking about
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After all the things I heard about FC2 and by playing the CoD5Beta, I put my money in FC2
"Be careful of what you wish for."
FC2 is great fun and whats better is that the story is a decent length, still haven't finished it. I have Fallout 3 but still need to sit down at it to form a real opinion but so far I like it, the fact it has similar touches to Oblivion doesnt bother me as thats still one of my favourite games. never trading that one in. learned that lesson after morrowind.
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I have Farcry 2, Fallout 3 and Fable 2.

All F's and all EPIC.

Just finished the storyline for Fable as well. It's not the stereotypical RPG so to speak, and it's good, but in the end, once you've completed the main storyline, it's not worth playing more. You may as well start again.

I give it a 7 or an 8. I was hoping the ending would be epic like the first one, but I suppose it just wasn't my cup of tea. Although, the way you approach the final battle is fresh and clean.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
am not impressed with fable 2 at the moment. started off well but has rapidly gone dwnhill. prefered the first one.
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I suppose I know what you mean. I think it's only good for the main storyline myself. The rest is just to power yourself up for the main quest.

FarCry 2 is getting increasingly better as I progress, but I can see myself replaying it maybe once alone, but Fallout may have the most replayability out of all three F's. The FPS mechanics are no way near as brilliant as FC2 but in the end, it's overall a much greater game. It may even have been perfect if they had fixed that.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
in fabe i got through the crucible level before deciding the game was a bit of a waste. the zero punctuation rant is true. you can do lots of stuff....but why would you want to???? why would you want to marry/get a job/buy all the shops? plus you cant die so the difficulty level is non existant.
England is my city
You're going to keep it in the "credit buffer" stockpile, are we? I've already traded mine in, but I DID finish it. In the end, I wonder if the first one was a "One game wonder" The more I try and like Fable 2, the more I dislike it. I don't know why, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to eat my previous words.

Mediocre. Sorry Fable, but the final verdict is: mediocre. I felt no drive to complete side quests, and the world was less appealing than the first one, which I still play sometimes. I think I'll stick to that.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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