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There may be 6 days left until the new xbox experience goes live, but your gamertag profile here at Gamertag Nation has already evolved. As of yesterday, each gamertag profile now shows off the xbox live avatar created within the new xbox experience. I understand that, as of this post, only a few gamertags are capable of using the avatar creation tool on their console. Until an avatar is created for the gamertag, xbox live automatically shows an avatar silhouette. If you're curious how a gamertag avatar looks, check out this example for Major Nelson.

As an added bonus, our gamertag checker tool now shows xbox live avatars too! It's the tool I used in the example above but you can always find it in our tools section or by clicking here.

The new xbox experience (NXE) goes live on November 19th and will require a dashboard update. Look forward to some fresh updates from Gamertag Nation as the much-anticipated fall update arrives on the Xbox 360.
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i'm looking forward to the update more and more as it approaches. seems to be lot's of lesser known features that should make it really impressive.
Nice update man... One step ahead of the game!

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