Which aspect of NXE are you most thankful for?

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Which aspect of the NXE do you like the most?

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× 0 (0%) Netflix Integration

× 1 (25.00%) Customizable Avatars

× 1 (25.00%) HD Installation

× 1 (25.00%) Party Feature

× 1 (25.00%) New Dashboard/Guide Design

× 0 (0%) Other.. (please specify)

  • Added 11-26-2008 06:55 PM
  • 4 votes

Now that the New Xbox Experience has finally been released, there are a myriad of new features 360 owners have access to. Some of the additions are practical; optional HD installation for games means a smoother gaming experience for gamers. Other features are more about convenience, with 8-person parties and Netflix functionality being prime examples. Still others, like the customizable Avatars, are just for fun. Even the guide and dashboard design is a step in a new direction.

Some of us have only scratched the surface of this update, but the question still remains: which aspect of the NXE do you like the most?
I, for one, am all for the disc-to-HD installation feature. Now while my girlfriend lays quietly in the bed, I can sneak a few games of NBA Live 09 in. I hate waiting so the reduced load time is also a huge plus. Well done Microsoft.
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i would have liked to have it for all the RPG's i've played, but i'll use it for Lost Odyssey when i go back to play the downloadable content. it should help those loads quite a bit.
Has to be the party mode, Just means I don't have to be on skype all the time.

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