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Look, I feel for you guys. My car's back window feels for you too. While gamertagnation.com is no [whatever you can call this URL], I know we could do better. As of this moment, you can now reach Gamertag Nation by using any of these shorter URLs:
  • gamertagn.com
  • gtnation.com

Even better, every page at gamertagnation.com can be shortlinked on either of these domains. Want to quickly link a friend to our game library? Instead of this, www.gamertagnation.com/games, you can now use www.gamertagn.com/games OR www.gtnation.com/games.

You can still reach the mighty shores of GTN by visiting gamertagnation.com, of course. These shorter URLs are strictly optional, you know, if you're into those kind of things.

Happy Turkey Day!
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Haha! I love the laziness of these things...

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Haha nice Eric.

More chance of someone stumbling upon us Smile

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