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You can now embed tweets into forum posts using the new tweet BBcode!

For example:

Produces the following:

Simply grab the ID from a tweet's URL to embed it into your post:

You can find a tweet's URL by clicking on the date or expanding the More icon and selecting Copy link to Tweet. For more info on locating a tweet's URL, please refer to the following help article on Twitter:
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Great feature Smile
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This also makes a lot of sense because of the Twitter integration GTN uses.. GTBN foraging ahead!
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the example doesn't show for me.
Originally Posted by Lord Kirken Morder
It may be a network issue on your end. Can you view twitter where you are? I know when I am on GTN while on my work network, most of the pics that Kaens and a few others hot link to cannot be seen on my machine. Also, anything from FB or Pinterest also fail for me in that situation.

Twitter is allowed, and I can see that example here.
yes loads fine. There is no blocking from my home pc.
yes loads fine. There is no blocking from my home pc.
Originally Posted by Lord Kirken Morder
You may have to give some more details, then. Since the example is working, we would still need to narrow it down to what on your end is causing the failure. Perhaps browser, browser options, scripting block...

Something must be causing the failure.
ok when you mentioned script block, I tested a few add ons and it was adsanitizer.
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ok when you mentioned script block i tested a few add ons and it was adsanitizer i forget to turn it off on this site since im premium.
Originally Posted by Lord Kirken Morder
NP! Happy to help (both you and Eric, to keep him from trying to run something down unnecessarily)
01-19-2016 12:35 PM StaffPremium
Great one Eric...
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