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Greetings everyone,

Hope everyone has been enjoying the many updates taking place around here. A recent addition needed some support so I thought I'd share it with everyone.

As a member of Gamertag Nation you should definitely check out this page. Once there, you will find yourself face to face with something you may have never experienced here: Friending! So, let's get started, shall we? To become friends with someone in our community, simply click on that link above or navigate there by going to My Account > Manage Friends at the top of each page. On that page, you can quickly and easily manage your list of contacts and friends.

Contacts vs. Friends

When managing your friends list, you will be presented with two options: Do I add him/her as a friend or as a contact? Since this decision is purely up to you, I'll present the differences between the two below:

  • Does not require authentication from the other party.
  • Does not show who is on your contact list publicly.
  • Does not grant any special permissions for the other party.

  • Does require authentication from the other party.
  • Does show who is on your friend list publicly.
  • Grants permissions to several private areas set by the other party. (Private blogs and groups have the ability to be shown only to those of on that user's friend list)
Over the next few weeks, I will be integrating this handy feature into our most popular services. You may have already noticed your friends/contacts list while private messaging.

Adding a Friend or Contact

Once you've determined whether or not to add someone as a friend or a contact, let's get some action! Okay okay, so I haven't quite added the ability to add someone as a "more than a friend" Wink. Adding a friend or contact to your list is simple here at GTN. You can either go to the manage friends page or the profile of the member you'd like to add. On the manage friends page, you can enter a username and have them added instantly. When viewing a profile, navigate to the 'Friends' tab and look for the 'Become Friends' link.

Note: Before becoming friends, the other party must first accept your friend request. As I demonstrated in the list above, contacts do not require any requests. Denied friend requests will make that member a contact.

Reference Points
Hope everyone enjoys this newest of features. A lot of change is coming to the nation so I'll be sure to keep you all informed. As always, your suggestions, concerns and questions are welcomed.

Stay classy,
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More than just friend? Are you hitting on me again, man? LOL

Nice one, Eric. I'll be checking these features out soonish.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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