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Have you purchased DLC for the Xbox 360?

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× 5 (83.33%) Yes

× 1 (16.67%) No, but I plan on purchasing some soon

× 0 (0%) No, and probably won't

  • Added 06-29-2009 10:49 AM
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Times have changed in the gaming world, and the integration of internet capabilities has allowed developers to produce content for their games well after the initial release date. Downloadable content has proven to be a successful means of giving players more, though it did have a rough start; do I even need to mention Horse Armor? There is always the issue of iffy pricing, but many of the downloadable games, maps, and expansions are too good to pass up.

That said, have you purchased any DLC for the 360? If so, where do you draw the line, if you do at all?
yeah, i got some oblivion DLC, other bits and pieces like gamer pics and some Saints Row packs.
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i'll get expansions and things for games i like, and i've even bought a suit pack for Ninja Gaiden 2. after playing through it over a dozen times, i wanted to look at something a bit different on screen. i don't really like to buy gamerpics or themes though.
I have bought a tonne of new songs for Rock Band, because I play the game so bloody much, I guess I just wanted some new stuff to play. I may want to buy some more soon though, because the Iron Maiden Pack looks AWESOME!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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One of the few things I would consider getting are the DLCs for Mirror's Edge or Fallout.

Apart from that, I could see no reason for much of it for now.

I got oblivion on PC, so it's been DLC for a while on Bethseda's site.

Same for a few other games for my PC.

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isnt the mirrors edge stuff just time trials? the new fallout 3 expansion is said to be great but im waiting for it to come out with the GOTY to see for myself.
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Just got Worms 2 off XBLA and Black off XBOriginals
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i'm really tempted to get worms 2, but i'm not sure if i'll actually play it much. armageddon is where i started the series though.
its really fun but there are a few things missing. the weapon range isnt as expansive as the older games, there is no option to switch worms as far as i know. the maps are also quite compact. but still the game is a great ammount of fun. there is a trial to download so you could play that and decide.
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got wolf 3d last night!:grin:
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Is it good?

And also, regarding worms, I didn't like Armageddon so much. I prefer world party personally, but that's just me.

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well, i started with the Playstation version of it, but when i tried it on PC, there was quite a bit more content. it almost felt like a new game. World Party was good too though.

on a related note, i picked up Battlefield 1943 recently after noticing how many people on my friends list were playing it. not bad, considering i've never played a Battlefield game before.
the old pc versions were the best for all the options you could have in terms of customisation. this version is still fun though.
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I got battlefield 2 Modern again for my PC, and the controls suck compared to 2142 (lots of customisation involved in order for my fingers to feel comfortable), but gameplays much better.

I never did play 1942... But a load of my friends in my uni created a closed LAN where they spend weekends blowing the shit out of each other.

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Got some MS points so I downloaded all the Halo 3 packs and BF1943.
England is my city
Are the H3 packs any good?

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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