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What was your favorite highlight of Microsoft's conference?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 6 (15.79%) Kinect games (MGS: Rising, Star Wars, Dance Central)

× 8 (21.05%) Halo: Reach

× 4 (10.53%) Fable 3

× 10 (26.32%) Gears of War 3

× 0 (0%) ESPN deal

× 8 (21.05%) New Xbox 360

× 2 (5.26%) Other (specify)

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  • 38 votes

E3 is one of the largest events in the world of gaming, and it's happening this week. The expo always brings us the juiciest game details and the most unexpected surprises, but what did you think of Microsoft's offerings this year?

Take a break from the nonstop coverage to tell us what you liked the most about this year's conference.
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Any juiciness on Rising is what I chase after.

I'm such an MGS Junkie... it's kind of sad...

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I didn't see that part of the conference but I'm really pleased with the new design especially for the price. It's only £200 here which is what the Core used to cost back in 2005/6. The Kinect games looked much better than last year, but sue to my setup I won't be able to use it as i have a sloped ceiling. One day I'll catch up with the full video, looking forward to Fable 3, Halo, not as much.
England is my city
Hey, I love Fable.

And there's a new one coming out! That's awesome in my opinion. I just hope it's better than 2, that it has what made the original fable so goddamn fun!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
For some reason, Fable 2 just dried my fun scale up. I was really enthused for a while, but later it just got so boring.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
oh i disagree, i just waited to get cash, bought more properties, raised taxes to 100% and eventually bought Castle Fairfax. POW! Now, if only I still had the game...

Rising looks awesome, you can angle the sword as you please and choose where to cut! You also rip out spines of mechs...or stomach batteries as Konami calls them.
England is my city
There were a lot of showstoppers from Microsoft this year, though I think much of the general public is against me in saying that. My favorite announcement from Microsoft was none other than the Kinect add-on. ESPN on the 360 is definitely up there, but I think that the potential for Kinect is absolutely mindblowing.
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Once they do some real work on it and integrate into more interesting games other than Wii Sports for 360 I'll look into it. It's hard to stand in the room my consoles are in as it's a low ceiling so I'm not psyched for this or Move right now.
England is my city
I'm looking forward to Gears 3. Halo: Reach I'll probably buy just because I'm a Halo fan, but I'm not expecting the story to be exceptional (imo it went downhill after Halo: CE).

CoD7 I'll pass on. Halo: Reach is (mostly) about the multiplayer -- seems pointless to play it for a month and then move onto more multiplayer that will likely be... well... the same.
i feel the same way, i don't care for Activision's blatant milking of the CoD series.
i liked the new console the most, personally. my xbox is very old, so if i ever did need a new one, that would be it.
Just saw the new Xbox. Looks pretty neat, and a modest price tag too!

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Must admit Dance Central, although not my game, impresses me. If it can recognise that much when it comes out i'll be astonished.
England is my city
i liked the new console the most, personally. my xbox is very old, so if i ever did need a new one, that would be it.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
Well I dunno if it's a conspiracy theory just against me but... just the other day my Xbox 360 got the quadruple Red Rings of Death (tried it about 15 times yesterday and again today... still RROD). How convenient that it break just in time for the release of the new 360?

I'm not crazy about the new design and the integrated wireless is something that should have been done since day one. I'll probably get it out of necessity... knowing my luck, my 360 Elite is bound to 'go' between now and the release of Gears 3...
It just happens, you know. Sometimes, your system just packs up and kicks the bucket. Especially when you play it a lot. :P

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you could patch yours up locally for less than 50 bucks, i bet. some people even make the tweaks preemptively to avoid the red lights in the first place.
But in light of the new XBOX (which sounds like the definitive upgrade), maybe it's better just to get the better hardware and then do those precountermeasures you were talking about, OT?

This may require waiting for a release, if you can bear to be away from your 360 for a while.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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