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My achievement "Show Stopper - Earned by getting all Achievements!" in Nickelodeon Dance on Xbox 360 does not want to unlock even though I have all other achievements unlocked.

What happened?
My wife completed this game and I immediately started it too, without going to dashboard, we switched profiles while the game was still running in the background. After my first song (only earned one star) I immediately got 3 achievements (Santa Claus is Coming Aqui, Oye Como Va adn Dance-tastic). I played a bit further and unlocked another 2 achievements too early (Iko Iko and P.U.! Stinky Swamp Song). The problem was that those achievements also unlock their respective song and in my game the songs stayed locked even if I earned enough stars.

I deleted my save file, move my wifes save file to a memory stick. I started a new game with a brand new save file. Everything went well now this time. Achievements unlocked when they were suppose too and the songs became available when meeting the requirements.

When I unlocked my last but one achievement "Dancing Dynamo", the last one (Show Stopper) for unlocking all the rest stayed locked.

I played the game a little bit further until the game gave me the notice I earned 100 stars and was rewarded the achievement for it (which I already had unlocked). Unfortunately that did not trigger the other achievement.

I want my last achievement unlocked as I met all requirements fair and square on my new save file.

If anybody knows how to unlock this achievement, please share.

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