Thee who has the DLC and want to get it done....or would be kind enough to help me!!

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

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Yea, I'm one of those people that not only bought this game, but also all the DLC...and looks like I'm one of the only so I'm asking here first, anyone have and need to do the MP including the DLC please hit me up and we can do it together..
I just need help with the DLC bit would gladly help with anything else you may need OR of you have all this done and can help me out (wink, wink) I can help you with any other game that you need help in, provided I have said game....and I have over 1200 + 360 games and a good chunk of the One games as well. Also I'm a collector so if I don't have said game your needing help in exchange for, chances are I'll probably get it for you. The only catch is....I only own NTSC 360's and yes I may be able to help with double boxes..

Can you tell I really want to get this done? Lol.. Hope to here from someone....sooner rather than later.

Oh and in no way am I asking or trying to pressure anyone into buying any of this game/DLC just to help me out.

Thanks all!
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