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so it's already confirmed as a PC exclusive. Strange as the only people who can probably run it on maximum settings are the people that make it and tech-whores.

Your thoughts on whether you think that this will be a worthy addition or will it end up like the FEAR expansions? Shouldn't they do something for consoles? Even if we dont get the graphics we get the game. That being the whole point.

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Have you seen that computer that has the benchmark for Crysis?

It's like £2000.

But Crysis was made with expansions to the story in mind, so I guess it wouldn't be a shock if it was still as good as it is right now.

And I don't think there will ever be a Crysis game on any of the consoles, unless it's re-released next generation when consoles catch up with computers again (for the month or whatever it is until they're surpassed again.)
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