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Quick question, I've been contemplating upgrading to Windows 8 on my laptop. Mainly for some additional gaming. But without a touch screen (it's a three year old laptop) will I be able to play most games? Will a mouse or touch pad work the same?
I only have win8 on my Surface, but I can tell you I prefer mouse & keyboard on most games to the touch screen.
Well that's good to know. Wasn't sure how that would work. But sounds promising. Thanks!
I upgraded my laptop to Win8, it has no touch screen and everything works fine.
Yeah some games were pissing me off with the touch screen (Big Buck Hunter) but with a mouse it was much more manageable.
There's a pretty decent amount of games on the Win 8 laptop, I've started investing my time in to some of them as well!
Like everyone else said, yes, mouse and keyboard work just as well for most, if not all. Some also have 360 controller support (Halo: Spartan Assault patched it in), so you have that option, also.
Thanks for all the feedback. Did the install yesterday and for the most part went pretty smooth. Only issue is my network adapter doesn't seem to be working so I have no WiFi. I figure I'll need to go on Dell's website and find new drivers or at least I hope that the only issue.

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