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Would you like steam tracking?

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  • Added 01-28-2015 05:13 AM
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I noticed a Steam option which was grayed out. Will there be steam tracking at some point?
01-28-2015 09:45 AM StaffPremium
I think it was here, but I think the source of the information got cut off.
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I think, what happened, not 100% sure with the steam but at one point GTN was tracking Sony/PSN and Steam or at least PSN I'm not 100% sure if Steam was ever tracked but it may have been in the works. I know there was some initial PSN tracking but it was very shaky at best, and then I believe PSN completely changed the way it tracked.. was it when the Next Gen consoles came out? Anyway due to the amount of trouble it was causing and the fact that there was not a lot of PS games already inputted, (It was still early in the build) and adding all those games pages would have been a ton work, the decision was made to stop all support for any Sony/PSN tracking and the few games that were already on GTN were removed. That's why you have that little PSN link on your profile. Going with just this information I think the Steam support may have gone the way of the PSN support and GTN has become an Xbox Exclusive tracking site.

Now this doesn't mean that any of this may be changed in the future, but for now there is no plans to go forward with tracking anything but XBox/MSN products.
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