What's best gaming PC available?


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As soon as someone types a PC model, that model is obsolete...
And the idea is that Nvidia and AMD are both on the cusp of releasing their new hotness in the next few months. Rumor has it the new AMD chipset is in the PlayStation Neo. Intel is also got a new chip coming out which will first see release in their Gaming NUC Skull Canyon. Ask again in September and you still wont get a good answer, but it will be apart of the new generation, and this current generation will be discounted.

I'm eyeballing the Skull Canyon for some indie steam games (and SuperGiant Game releases not on Xbox) for one at a lower price-point, but I'd troll for builds in your price range on PC Part Picker

EDIT: Intel's Skull Canyon is not a new chip, but a new revision.
Are Dell Alien-ware's not as good as they once were?
Originally Posted by dieselv2
They can still be good and powerful machines, but they are EXPENSIVE. It would be easy to build one with the same specs for at least ~$500 less in most cases.

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