Battlefield Heroes


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Another great game coming to PC, from the people who brought you Battlefield 1942, BF2, 2142, etc etc.

by the's FREE. Why not try it out this summer?
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It really IS free... now you're talking... Big Grin

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Just checked it out after wondering what happened to it, no real release date yet which is bit of a shame. Looks to be great fun though. Makes me want to get TF2 for the graphics...
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I was wondering what happened to this game too. It was slated for a release in the Summer, but the season is quickly running out of time. It looks like EA has selected to delay the title though. Source
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i was a bit bummed by the news but kind of expected it as there was very little news about it in recent months. Its on a closed Beta so we'll get there eventually.
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I suggest we all band together and play on the same server, on the same side, fighting the same war.

I suggest that my suggestion would be awesome.
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The allied forces of GTN! We're gonna tear the internet WIDE open!

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Agreed, this must be done!
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