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It looks like a really really really fun game, and i want it soo bad. Does anyone know when the game comes out?
as far as i one does. we just have to be really patient. hopefully its still being made for consoles.
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Why's that Billy... was there rumours of a portable port or what?

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well the guy whose making it (forgot his name its been that long) said he was making it for all consoles (wii,360,ps3,pc) but theres been such a lack of info that im almost losing interest unless a trailer comes out that blows me away.
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Losing interest... what solid facts do we have involving Spores anyway?

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seems we have a september release for PC
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So it's basically Charles Darwin/Sims but on an enormous scale... Such a small amount of info, and they expect a september release?

Someone's had too much Moley to smoke...

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essentially its gonna be one of those games that stays in production so long that people forget and when it comes out, dont care. i doubt it will be exactly that for spore but the mack on info on games can make people lose curiosity. we need some news at least.
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Definitely, and some footage of the gameplay perhaps... Or it'll end up being one of those games the PC shippers only play that has like an update everyday and uses a system similar to steam which will make everyone hate it.

It seems to have the potential to become a command and conquer/sims hybrid... evolve... take over... let natural selection occur... may not be too bad, as long as you didnt have to get out the biology textbook too many times.

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ive seen some creation gameplay footage but thats all
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Oh man, I can't wait for this game. It looks so great Smile.
well later this month on the 20th theres a creature creation pack (£5) to mess around with that includes limited features. Full game, early September.
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it's already been leaked for a few days now. there are rumors about action being taken against those who got it early, but i'm not so sure.
I bought the creature creator but it's not available to download for like another few days though (available on Wednsday I think)

Looking forward to it personaly.
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I might get it to see what its like. for £5 cant really go wrong. the waits been long but it's finally coming....we hope.
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