Pinball FX2 is Coming to Xbox One This Month

Pinball FX2

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I understand, just trying to boost your post count...
Originally Posted by Fshguy
Pm, please reply, Thanks
Too bad it was delayed, I bought one table on the 360 when it was on sale one time and had a blast on it!
My only worry is that since there's only going to be one achievement for table, it'll probably be for completing wizard mode on that table...which I usually can't do on any of them (except Ms Splosion Man). A pinball wizard, sadly I am not. 8) They sound confused as to what the rules are for achievements for X1 games in that thread, but I'm pretty sure I remember them saying there was no cap, except a starting 1k to base of off. Hopefully future tables will have more than one achievement each.
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Finally Is out with 1 table free

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