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Just downloaded and played some of the demo. The game is quite fun, the only problem i have is that you have to stand still to shoot. its something new to play and it looks great! There are two levels to try out and ive only just started the first.
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That's awesome man. I used to play to earlier Resident Evil titles but skipped the last few. I'll have to give this one a try though. To add this to your download queue, click here.
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Got it on Pre-Order right now. Can't wait... Smile
I'll download this tonight. It will be interesting to see how this looks vs. what we saw at PAX.
The demo (as far as i understand) is quite old, its been out in japan for ages. Just to say that if you die you have to go back to the start of the level and its a bit annoying, hopefully the finished product has save points like the old RE games or a save whenever you like system. But I'm quite pleased with the game itself, been ages since I played an RE game, I never got round to playing 4, I could get it on PC for very cheap but all user reviews say its an awful port.
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It's a really good game. I honestly cannot get enough of the demo! I also have pre-ordered this game, as it is honestly 100% better than what I was expecting. I can't wait. Smile
What would you rate as the best part of the game mechanics? And what would you rate as the worst?

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best - looks and plays great, zombies react to each shot you can shoot weapons out of hands

worst - inventory can be a bit fiddly, enemies sometimes just stand still but they are zombies so ill forgive that one.
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That's fair enough. How's the AI? Fair enough, they're Zombies, but.. do they like gang up on you? Just move towards you? Flank you?

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I wrote up a big post about this last night, but I guess it didn't go through.

Basically, I don't like it too much. It's no longer survival horror, it's an action exploration game. Nothing is nerve-racking at all about the game except the fights, which can be said about any action shooter. I don't like that you can basically just take out all of your enemies and then move on when you're ready again. Boring. The progression through the levels is so linear. What ever happened to the idea of being trapped in a big city and having to explore with fear around every corner? RE3 perfected the exploration aspect.

I liked having the option of using bullets or running. This game doesn't give you that option. You have to kill everything or else it's just going to catch up to you and keep grabbing you and sawing your head off. I don't like that fighting is rewarded with refilling your gun - that ruins the whole point, and what are zombies doing carrying around bullets and chemical sprays anyway?

The tone of the game, like RE4, is totally different from the earlier games and just isn't as horrific. This demo just gave me a strong urge to play RE2 so that something can scare the shit out of me for once.
I know man. Resi has gone with the SH image. They're thrown it away for Survival Action.

I know what you're saying, but it seems that Horror games aren't as popular as action games, and Capcom seems to want to move with the times a bit too much. They've gone to the market.

However, I will say, I liked Resi 4 and It sounds like I will like Resi 5. But then, Survival Horror seems to be dead across the spectrum. Only recent horror game is Siren Blood Curse, and that's more or less Forbidden Siren's last offering.

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I think it's unfair to judge the entire game based on just this demo we've been given. I think the demo is more focused on allowing people to see how the 2 player aspect of the game works, as opposed to scaring the shit out of you.

This demo just gave me a strong urge to play RE2 so that something can scare the shit out of me for once.
Originally Posted by Abel
True, RE2 scared the hell out of me when i first got it. RE5 isnt all that bad but yeah, the horror bit has pretty much vanished. The only "tense" part now is not being able to shoot and move at the same time. I just think we'll have to view this as part of the RE universe and see where it goes. They clearly don't show any sign of going back to it's routes. Hopefully the zombies get more agressive later on because right now its just target practice. Ill probably get the full game as itll be good for offline co op which most games seem to be abandoning even though they are perfect for it (thats more of a shot at sony though).
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let us know what you think when you're done
They charge for demos now?

On a semi-off-topic note: RE4 is still one of my favourite games. Some parts of that game can be really scary (especially playing at night with the door closed and the lights off). Those priest-zombie-things chanting "Lo que, lo que" can get pretty scary as you get further through the game, as are some of the 'boss' battles.

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