Sneak King

A truly awful bit of product placement garbage

There's nothing fun about this game, except the fun of giving GameStop 50 cents for one of the worst games on Xbox 360. If you truly feel compelled to play a product placement game, play Doritos Crash Course or Harm's Way. They're actually decent games with easier achievements and better yet, they're free.
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  • zoidberg1339 I wouldn't call them easy, no. Not easy enough (or fun enough) even to be worth your 50 cents. I regret ever buying this game.
  • Infected Stray For an extra 30 cents I was able to purchase Gears of War 2 from Gamestop, and it has the full list of achievements. My question, and why I am leaving a comment, is are the achievements in this game easy? Or are they a pain? I remember one of the Burger King games had simple achievements.

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