Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

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Geometry Wars became one of the select few Xbox Live Arcade titles selected for the North American release of the Xbox 360. While being one of the first titles I've ever played on the Xbox 360, Geometry Wars remains one of the best titles released on the XBLA.

This game plays very fluidly and may steal a few hours of your day once you start playing. It's so simple to learn that anyone could pick up a controller and play within seconds. While playing, you will only use both analog sticks and the right trigger to play the complete way through. Geometry Wars will progressively get more intense and harder at the same time. It's a perfect combination for hours of game play.

Replaying this game is very easy to do after your lives are lost. If you replay this game just once, you should easily get a higher score by your newfound skill. I've found myself sitting down and playing in hopes of getting a higher score each time. Geometry Wars will wear you out after awhile though. It's just too intense and mind-numbing at the same time.

My greatest experiences with Geometry Wars were stoned and late at night. If you're into stoned gaming, the graphics in this game will have your eyes blazed over and nearly crying. A slew of neon colors and dramatic effects give this simple game a very fun atmosphere. This game will look flawless on both high-definition and standard-definition TV sets.

Geometry Wars has very simple sound characteristics. Sound effects are used to let the player know when each "wave" or "swarm" of enemies are generated. Other sound effects are played to help enhance the arcade-like game play too. I've found that the built-in background music became repetitive, however you can easily forget any music is playing once you're immersed into the game.

This game is only single player, which is it's only downfall. However, you will find that regardless if you're playing or watching, your eyes will be glued to the TV screen.

If you've got [MSPOINTS]800[/MSPOINTS] laying around or don't know which Xbox Live Arcade game to unlock next, save yourself some searching and get this game immediately. After first playing this game roughly 2 and a half years ago, I'm still motivated to play this game from time to time.
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