No Straight Roads

I love this game

From the music to the characters I love everything about this game. Its characters have tons of personality along with a decent story. Past the main story the game is essentially a boss rush game. The main game play is 5-6 boss fights that have varying difficulties but always attacking and following the beats of their respective songs which is what got me into this game in the first place. The boss fights can be a bit repetitive but in my case I loved the music of this game so much I found myself not finding it that tedious, while others have felt the opposite. Overall this isn't the greatest game in the world but given how the team that made this was mostly new graduates with little experience, I think they did great for one of their first games. Getting all the achievements can be a headache with some of the buggyness but I highly suggest everyone play this game through the story at least once and enjoy the experience.
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