Cut the Rope (Win 8)


Cut The Rope is a fun puzzle game, there's no denying that. I will even say that it's worth the $4.99 it costs to unlock the full game. My complaint is that the game, as you can see, is listed as free. Except the free version of the game does not contain the number of levels necessary to unlock all achievements, so for a full completion, you'd have to fork over the money regardless. Since the game is worth the money, it just seems like it would be more honest to just list the game for that amount in the first place.

With all that said, this is a fun game. This is a physics-based puzzle game which requires you to use various mechanisms and timing to help your little monster (Om Nom) eat his candy. There isn't much else to really say about the game, but it's well made, has charming visuals, and puzzles are challenging without every leaving you in that, "How the hell was I ever supposed to figure that out?" position after being forced to resort to a guide. Again, I definitely think the game is worth those $5, it just would've been nice if they chose to be a bit more transparent with pricing.
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