Shuffle Party

Stay away unless you have a touchscreen

Shuffle Party is not a deep game, but it's free, somewhat fun, and quick to complete. But, as my title suggests, don't touch this game if you don't have a touchscreen. It's definitely possible to play this game without one, but it would be a complete chore. With a touchscreen, it's fairly fun, and once you're done with the gameplay-based achievements, there's only maybe 45 minutes or so of money grinding required to finish off the last shop-based objective.

The game will present you with 3 options: classic shuffleboard, bowling, and a challenge mode that's a bit like the mini-golf version of shuffleboard. Each mode carries 2-3 achievements for you to complete, and none should take more than an hour (maybe 2 for challenge mode) to finish them off.

Overall, if you have a touchscreen device, give it a go, and I bet you'll have fun. If you don't... download at your own risk.
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