Endless Skater

Don't do it...

A skating version of an endless runner is a fun idea. It really is. But please believe me when I say that no good will come of downloading this game.

The foremost issue with this game is that it advertises itself as being free, but the only realistic way to complete all of the achievements and actually enjoy the game is to fork over the cash to buy a second, premium level. And yes, even once you PAY for this stupid game, you get a whopping TWO levels. That's it.

The second most apparent issue is how dull of a game it is. There are only a handful of tricks, and every skater has the same set. So while you can mix up your stats with different skaters, the variety ends there. The level design is also very redundant, with only the faintest amount of variety in the particular gaps, rails, and ramps you find throughout. After 1 solid run, you'll have already seen everything the level has to offer, and at that point, it's just a matter of grinding out achievements. Achievement goals are uninspired as well. "Do this! Now do it more! Now do it even more than that!" pretty well describes the majority of the achievement list.

Finally, this isn't a very glitchy game, but when the glitches DO happen, they happen at the worst possible times. I'm not talking about random weird graphics, or your character doing the wrong animation at the wrong time. I'm talking about invisible objects tripping you at random times, sometimes ruining runs you've been on for 15+ minutes.

Overall, this is just not a good game. It was a fun idea, but it was executed horribly. If you're lucky enough to be reading this review before downloading the game, please take the advice in my headline, and DO NOT DO IT!

6/4/2018 UPDATE: So through sheer force of will, I was able to 100% this game without buying the premium level, which I previously suggested wasn't possible. I still stand by everything I said (other than this being impossible). It was very dull, very repetitive, and if I could go back, I would absolutely NOT download this game. The reason for the change is that it's possible to exploit the tutorial level of this game to grind out the achievements which I still believe are just not realistically possible on the standard School level. It's incredibly boring to do it this way, but it does open up a viable avenue to completing this game for free.
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