Microsoft Wordament

It's Boggle. Not much else to it.

I generally try to go somewhat into depth with my reviews, but there just really isn't much to say about Wordament. It's Microsoft's version of Boggle. If you've played Microsoft Ultimate Word Games, it's just the Wordament portion of that with virtually no changes whatsoever. You'll run through a few game types to clean up some miscellaneous achievements, but before too long as passed, it comes down to just grinding out Daily Challenge medals and Adventure maps. And when I say grind... I mean grind. There is absolutely nothing to inject any kind of variety or excitement into the game. It's just playing Boggle again... and again... and again. The price is right at $0, but what you're saving in money you'll be losing in sanity. Fortunately there are no glitches to contend with, but that's about the only positive thing I can say for it. Download at your own risk.
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