Bridge Constructor Portal

Fun skin on a fairly standard puzzle game

At this point, most of us have probably played some kind of bridge construction game, and in that regard, there isn't a whole lot new that BCP is bringing to the table. That being said, the mechanics of the game are solid, and there's definitely an element of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Adding to that is the fact that once you've finished off Portal and Portal 2 (which are a lot of things, but "long" is not on that list), you might be jonesing for more GLADOS sass, and BCP scratches that itch quite nicely.

The game is pretty straightforward, and with no real resource management required, you're free to make as massive of a structure as you need to get through the level. It does track the amount you "wasted" building your paths, but this doesn't really affect anything regarding achievements or level progression. Definitely not the most exciting game you'll ever play, but it's solid for what it is. Throw it on your wishlist and watch for a sale, and pick it up if you want some low-energy puzzling to work on.
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