Totally getting this game this week

Rock Band 2

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So Amazon was running an offer I could not refuse (sorry, Godfather) and I decided to order this game. I planned on getting it a little later but Amazon is giving our Rock Band 2 and 1600 MS Points for only $59.95, shipping included. Hard to turn that offer, right?

So if anyone happens to pick it up, shoot me an invite. Cowbell
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I hate you Eric, I have to wait for fucking years for this game to be released.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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the ps3 still doesnt have rock band 1 over here haha. but we'll be waitng ages for this i think. which gives me more reason to look into GHWT.
England is my city
W00t ill be in America before this comes out over here. Not like it will matter as i could only do the vocals or drums as my hands are fucked up.
I have the feeling Rock band 3's US release will be alongside the UK release of Rockband 2. A patternis in the making.

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