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This might be only premium members, but to fix that you need to go to that game's page, look on the right side and click the "sync this game" link. Other than that, you will need to get another...
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I think I tapped out at 18. I will try again, but I'm not getting much further and it's not like we are close. If we are going to get any more rewards we will need other guildies to help out so maybe...
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I had to clear all of level 13 to get to the boss and I've wasted 3 attempts on the boss here. My team just isn't working because of knockback and the types. I might have to Mang it same as you...
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+9 Prismatic Orb (not best but best I seem to have for this)

I don't like doom skull teams but seems to be working for the most part.

Floor 1: 4
Floor 2: 5
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New week of towers so if anyone scouts before I get on tonight please post the key locations!
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I gave up on Archer, and now I'm on Titan. Titan is the best clearly IMO and I'm now up to level 81 so just over the halfway point (level 70). I'm sure you've seen I've been cranking it out, trying...
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Is anyone really going to fall for these things and hire a writer because of forum spam? These are so pointless.
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Fear not, Fsh and I both got any badges like that ages ago. I couldn't comment on the post you did on my page, and your page is completely locked down to me so I couldn't respond on your wall.
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I managed to get my Megavore just in the nick of time thanks to the $5 packs you can buy after doing the dungeons. It was just enough. Now I need to farm the crap out of the traitstones to unlock...
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Well I've been going hard at this game for well over a month now, putting in hours every single night. Went from about level 500 to over 1000 now, but obviously that has gotten insanely slow. I think...
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Well last night I spent almost 2 million gold (everything I had) on the guild tasks for those shards, did the dungeons, bought the $5 pack that gave me an extra 50 diamonds. I think I did every...
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Whatever it is, and I'm not saying he isn't flirting with me, we cannot do it right now because we cannot commented on the posts we make on one another's pages.
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So what you are saying is if I want Megavore, I have until Sun to get it done and right now my only chance is the daily dungeon and grinding out a few more million gold to get the guild scraps. Well...
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I'm so close to being able to get Xathenos for that achievement, however right now Megavore is available to craft and I REALLY want that one (honestly two, but no way). I know I can craft diamonds,...
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I can post on someone's wall, but I cannot comment on anything already there. The threading isn't working, it simply spins and says "processing". This has been unavailable for at least a week and is...
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I'm so far behind I can't trait everything, but I'm working on it. I had to spend so many resources trying to get kingdoms up to level 6 that I don't have much, gotta grind.

That said, Level 14...
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Thread: Treasure Vault
Forum: Gems of War

No, but thank you for trying.

Okay, I tried to find some gnomes before I posted in both ranked and casual pvp, then explore, but I guess my luck didn't give me any gnomes. I'm like VIP 10 so...
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Thread: Treasure Vault
Forum: Gems of War

There is current3a Treasure Vault event going on, but I only had one key (and I don't even know where I got that one!)

Where/how do I farm these keys so I can try and do the event?
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From memory (because I have no sigils to check it) I was using

Mountain Crusher (as Titan class)
Hyndla Frostcrown

So basically I use my hammer to fill the rest of the team,...
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I got to 14 but only had one battle left and lost. I tried V first. Sorry, I tried.
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Almost, but he's about 10k away. However, he is a better recommendation than mine....
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That will definitely help me, I think I am right around there. To me, I need/want to do it for the Orbs of Chaos.
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I notice that everyone has jumped on the Tower, but we aren't coordinating at all. The tower is the same for everyone withing the guild so we should share our finding of which...
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I think most of the fighting games are less than one hour, kinda depends on how good you are at fighting games. I personally suck at them so it always takes me 2-3 hours to complete a 1 hour game. ...
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