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I don't even get an error page on Dishonored: DO it just loads to a blank page. Thanks for the info I'm sure someone is looking into it.
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Unpinning this thread and pinning the 2018 for you, I will also give the winner the FTW badge for their Epicness!
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Always glad to have involvement around here, especially from the new I have sorely been most sporadic as of late but I had a heck of a last few months to the...
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Hmm, not sure about that.. If I just look at 2017 alone it is 35,951 Gs. but then I have a few days on the over so I'd say around 36k give or take a few.
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Update time, well I still have to update the hyperlinks, got busy then lazy then lazy then overwhelmed and thenI didn't care, but now that it's finally over I will go back and fix those pesky...
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Actually he's just hardcore like that, he needed a new level of challenge.. at least this way when he losses to Fish again, he has something to blame. :)
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I think I'll throw in my hat for the people all trying for 100k in year... why not right.. maybe there should be some sort of competition for it...hmm...After I finish my year long game a day bean...
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Thread: Poll: Happy New Year 2018
Forum: General Chat

All of them, but they won't be day one buys for me..,,except maybe Crackdown 3?
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Well since we're updating...I was trying to wait till the 6th when its official but I am at 362 days... tonights game will be day 363 and game 363 (actually with my 15k in a week that number for...
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Looks like I'm getting this too, I wonder if this has anything to do with the issue Marvs posted about?
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Holly God! you have 10 second Ninja listed.. I have been trying for months and still can't get the first
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Keep us posted, but just remember if you're logged in on multiple devices, it may have something to do with this, especially if you are logged in yet do not visit the site.. it has been found in the...
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Thread: Poll: Xbox One turns on by itself
Forum: Xbox One

This happens to mine almost daily, the only thing that I have found that most people say this happens to is that if your X Box is plugged in to a power strip/surge protector. Try plugging it in...
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Under privacy settings it says,
Invalid email, sent 30 times, have you changed your email address lately? Maybe for your Xbox account? Please don't post that here, nor do I want your password.
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Thanks for the question, it should be all up by now, but a quick look at your profile shows your privacy settings are not optimal for our scanners, you'll need to look at those and fix them before...
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So is this your new gamertag, prey tell what is your old Gamertag name? Also I don't think any site will do what your asking except Microsoft, or your profile, so why not follow it or friend it, if...
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Well looks like your getting a pretty serious game plan, and speaking of serious and it may be a dumb question, but hey I've never been afraid to ask Have you planned the logistics out...
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Yes, 100% correct and that is for the two different online achievements.
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I'm sure Marv loves gaming, but not sure he'd be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for it was a pretty funny typo tbough..
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Just PM me he or on live and I'm sure we can make some time for you if you need another banner or whatever.
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Thanks you Jordan for the excellent interview and thank you for your service. You'll get your new service ribbon, er badge, on your profile here shortly. Oh and..Prepare to drop!
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Ah it's November.......WHAT! Its November already!!! Oh man, oh, man, oh man.....and speaking of a man, we get pretty manly man this month.. he was one of the few the proud the, what!? really the...
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This is awesome and thank you for the post and hints! Is there an achievement tied to this? if so maybe you should think about writing a guide for it. Heck feel free to write achievement guides for...
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